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Poetic Migrations: Film Screening at NW Film Center

Join us for a screening of three Portland-made films which explore passages of migration between homelands, texts, dreams and molecules. 


HAFT-SEEN (2017, 30 mins.), a visual poem written and scored by Roland Dahwen Wu, Jonathan Raissi, and Stacey Tran, is an homage to immigrant experiences and first-generation narratives of inheritance, spirituality, and the diasporic threads we weave and pass on through generations. 

SIGHT (2017, 17 mins.) is a sci-fi/dream/exploration about using your gifts. Directed by Kalimah Abioto, this is a short experimental film about a little girl who travels to different dimensions in her dreams. 

FIELD THEORIES (2017, 9 mins.), a collaboration between Samiya Bashir, Roland Dahwen Wu, and keyon gaskin, remixes and reimagines written work from Bashir’s third collection of poetry. These three Portland-made films explore migrations between countries, between molecules, between people, between texts, between dreams.