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&Now (Bothell, WA) - Notes in Passing: hypnotically porpoise exercises in lectures

  • University of Washington Bothell (map)

Our session is lecture as performance and audience as performance. A participatory lecture. An act of collective writing. Collective acts of secret performativity within a public performance.

Come into the room. Take your seat. You will notice a lectern and other academic paraphernalia. You may also notice some incongruous items.

Shortly, a series of 3-4 mini lectures will ensue.

Here we go.

Meanwhile, it’s possible that, in the words of Anne Garréta, “a real polyphonic epistolary novel [will be] being composed during class in the rows on the right side.” That is to say, we will be passing notes. Notes on money (is this conference worth it?), on deadening ambition (“If I disappeared from public life - stopped talking, reading, teaching, interviews, small pieces - except to publish a book every few years would anyone be there to still read it?- recent tweet from Anne Boyer), and maybe on love (desire is always on our fingertips).

As in any class, the audience members can simply listen to the lecture, maybe take notes. (Will someone interrupt the lecture to ask a question?) And/or they can participate in passing notes. If a note comes your way, what role will you take on in this academic classroom community? Will you write back? Or forward? What about these items that don’t belong in the room?

Here we are as writers. We did not become writers to go to conferences! And yet we find ourselves here. (Should we right ourselves/write our selves out?)